The Republic of Kurdistan
"The best way to pay respect to our martyrs is to continue their struggle." - Dr. Ghassemlou

The funeral of 4 environmental activists in Kurdistan Iran turns to protests

The funeral of four environmental activists on Saturday morning, as they tried to extinguish fires in the forests of the Mariwan district of the western province of Kurdistan, turned into anti-Iranian protests.

According to the videos posted by activists through the media, the demonstrators carried the Iranian authorities responsible for the fire and the killing of the four activists when the explosion of an artillery shell of the Revolutionary Guard, and wounding four others were injured.

One of the protesters shouted: “The Revolutionary Guard is behind this crime.” In another video they shouted: “The savages want to stay in power using repression. We are on the streets for our heroes who were killed.”

Sharif Bacwar, Amid Konaposhi, Rahmut Hakimi Nia and Mohammad Baguhi were killed in the fires of the Mariwan forest fires on Saturday as they tried to extinguish them, authorities say, but Akrada activists say they were killed by an artillery shell fired by former Revolutionary Guards Kurdish opposition parties in that region.

Activists say the fire, which the four activists blamed, was caused by the explosion of the shell, which is a remnant of the Revolutionary Guards, which last month bombed the Mariwan forest plains.

The footage and pictures posted on the websites show a mass rally during the funeral of the four activists. Protesters shouted for the release of political prisoners and the slogan “Martyr does not die”. “As long as there is a Kurd alive, Kurdistan will remain alive.”