The Republic of Kurdistan
"The best way to pay respect to our martyrs is to continue their struggle." - Dr. Ghassemlou

The IRGC killed a Kurdish porter father of two children

Kurdana announced the killing of another Kurdish citizen west of Iran said that his name “Adib Hosseini,” the father of two young children was killed Saturday evening by the Iranian border police forces.

The Iranian social networking sites published the news of Husseini’s killing, saying that border police shot him without warning in the Qutour area of ​​the border city of Khoi when he was carrying goods in exchange for delivery to Iranian border cities his family’s daily strength.

Most of the Kurdish-Iranian porter, mostly young men, transport goods and walk on the rugged mountain roads between Iraq’s Kurdistan, Turkey and Iran in search of a living and working for unemployment, although some have university degrees.

Iranian Kurds complain that the central government in Tehran over the past four decades has only brought them the devastation begun by the massive military offensive beginning with the victory of the 1979 revolution and continued in various ways, including the arrest or execution of activists, the bombing of Kurdish party sites or the killing of those who did not find a way to live. Only a porter career.

“We do not have to deal with them anymore. I do not know where they invented the word ‘porter,’ they have become a problem for the government,” Hossein Zulfghari, a political and security official at Iran’s interior ministry, said last week.

According to some estimates, there are about 75,000 workers in Iran.

In the meantime, Kurdish websites reported on Sunday that the Iranian border police fired on Khadr Mufid, another laborer, from the village of Ghoman in Sardasht city, and was killed in an almost daily incident in the Kurdish cities of Iran, which suffer from widespread unemployment and poverty.