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The IRGC Terrorist Organization Is Lying

We have heard the word “security” for a long time, and it is a part of our everyday life. But so far, the Iranian Regime have tried to influence peoples mind by defining the word “security” is equal to suppression, imprisonment , fear, terror, rape and .

In facts, we all have heard the Islamic Republic Regime officials speak about the security and protection of the geographical borders. The Regime’s authorities, with their fictitious spectacle and political gesture, in their own words, claims that they have the “perfect intelligence”. However, where does the Regime’s claims really stand?

Let us look closer at this from the Kurdistan’s side; once we mention Kurdistan, the debate on security becomes wider and wider; because the security and use of the equipment needed to ensure the security of both physical and mentally in the Eastern Kurdistan has a broader dimension. On the other hand, the use of security by the regime’s authorities in Kurdistan is a kind of political gesture; hence, those who kills more and makes a crime are more loyal to the supreme leader.

In another commentary, if the authorities of the Iranian regime speak of security, their words in Kurdistan are such that the Kurdish people will sacrifice everything in order to be cooperative with the military and security institutions of the Iranian regime. Therefore, the regime claims that with the help of their forces, they are aware of all of the plans and movements of the oppositions, and that the regime will get the intelligence of the opposition’s plans, shortly after it has been planned.

Contrary to the false claims of security officials, it should be said that Regime’s understanding of the security is to kill and spread fear among the people, otherwise the word “security” is unknown for the regime or they do not want to know the real definition of it.

One of its example is:

On the evening of June 9th, 2018, Kurdish Peshmerga forces had successful a number of deadly attacks on regime and its terrorist organization “Revolutionary Guards Corps”, the results were that numbers of the regime’s terrorist organizations were killed and wounded.

In the aftermath, there was a deadly silence in the regime’s inercircle about the attacks, no one from the regime’s authorities spoke a word of it, and their “perfect intelligence” was not there to help them. Which can prove that the regime never had any “perfect intelligence” and the Kurdish people are loyal to the Peshmerga forces. After several days after the Peshmerga operation, the pro-Regime’s websites, acknowledged in their reports that the Revolutionary Guard’s base in the Siakew Mountain of Shno region had been attacked, and a number of injured Corps troops were transferred to Motahari Hospital in Urmia.

So far, the officials of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps had not released any reports, until they were forced to publish a false statement, and that there was nothing to be seen in the regime’s statement except propaganda against the Peshmerga force. The great lie of the Revolutionary Guards was revealed when the central command of the Peshmerga forces in Kurdistan issued a statement following that, “A clash erupted between the Peshmerga Forces of Kurdistan and Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps in Siakew Mountain in the Shno region on June 8, 2018. During the ensuing clash, nine IRGC members were killed and 18 others were injured. The pro-regime’s websites and TV stated that servals of Peshmerga force were killed, but the PDKI’s statements underlined that the Peshmerga Forces did not sustain any casualties during the clash.”

The denial of the IRGC’s statement by the Democratic Party of Iran’s Kurdistan Party was a heavy blow to the regime intelligence and it weakened its commanders’ morale too; “Why a terrorist military institutions that claims to have a widespread terror operations abroad, kneed against the smallest activities of the Democratic Party of Iran’s Kurdistan.

On the other hand, the Revolutionary Guards issued two other statements against after the Kurdistan Peshmerga command statement, which stated that the regime’s forces defeated two armed Peshmerga teams in Kurdistan. The release of these two statements, expresses the failure of the regime:

Firstly: the Iranian regime claimed that they had their security force in Kurdistan to suppress the Kurdish movement, in the other hand; these statements also mentioned that the clashes with the Peshmerga teams were inside the Kurdistan.

Secondly, the issuance of the two statements simultaneously revealed the undeniable failure of the Revolutionary Guards and the morale of the members of this terrorist organization.

In the past few weeks, we have seen that the regime uses all its power that they have to send ammunition and arms to Kurdistan and to pressure and threatening the people of Kurdistan, to cooperate with the regime forces against the Peshmerga forces with the regime have failed to accomplish. The regime and the sending of heavy equipment to the mountainous mountains of Kurdistan, indicate that the security of the regime is only a false claim.

The contents of this article do not reflect the views and opinions of KurdistanMedia/, this article written by the Jamal Rasoul Denkheh and translated by team