The Republic of Kurdistan
"The best way to pay respect to our martyrs is to continue their struggle." - Dr. Ghassemlou

The strike continues in eastern Kurdistan

The citizens of Kurdistan strike against the political system politicized in the Islamic Republic of Iran, because of the closure of commercial crossings and are still continuing the strike.

In the cities of Mariwan, Bana, Saqez and Juanro, staged a strike against the decision of political officials to close commercial crossings in these areas. And staged sit-ins and all shops and markets in the cities were closed against the new decision.

The residents of the region did not agree to this decision and sat in the street where there is no food on and demanded the opening of commercial crossings.

So far, Iranian officials have not responded to the demands of the region’s residents, and the population insists on their demands.

(Nejad Shahid), one of the members of the regime of Iran, a political deputy of the Bana region, in a statement to “IRNA” Iranian regime, stated that there are hands outside the country in this sit-in and strike and the closure of markets in Kurdish areas.

On Tuesday, 3 April, all markets and shops in all the cities of Juanro, Saqez and Marwan were closed to protest the decision of the Iranian regime to demand the opening of commercial crossings. Also on Thursday, 25 February, all markets in the region of Piransharh and Banah were closed and did not agree to the decision to close the trade crossings and strike. Because of the intervention of the intelligence forces by the Iranian regime, they attacked the markets and people and thwarted the strike.