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The United States is intent on Iran: We can see Khamenei’s hand and his followers

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday blamed Iran for the threats faced by US missions in Iraq and said the United States was working to end the “treaty of friendship” with Tehran.

“Iran is the source of the current threat to Americans in Iraq, our intelligence is strong and we can see Khomeini’s hand and his followers supporting these attacks on the United States,” Pompeo told reporters at the State Department.

On Wednesday, the US secretary of state described the International Court of Justice’s decision on sanctions against Tehran as “a defeat for Iran,” although it ordered the United States to lift sanctions against humanitarian goods.

The US official said his country had already taken measures to avoid harming Iran’s humanitarian needs and that the resolution “categorically rejected all unfounded demands by Iran” to lift US sanctions in a comprehensive manner.
It was also announced that the United States had ended the 1955 Treaty of Friendship with Iran, which the Court had invoked to justify its decision