The Republic of Kurdistan
"The best way to pay respect to our martyrs is to continue their struggle." - Dr. Ghassemlou

Urban PDKI Peshmerga Unit Carried Out an Operation in Piranshar

Yesterday September 25, an Urban PDKI Peshmerga unit in Piranshar clashed with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

During the past week, Iran’s islamist regime has under the pretext of military exercises attempted to attack PDKI’s Peshmerga Forces and shelled civilian populated regions of southern (Iraqi) Kurdistan.

Since the formation of Urban Peshmerga units in the cities of eastern (Iranian) Kurdistan earlier this year, a number of operations have been carried out against Iran’s terrorist IRGC. In the latest operation in the Kurdish city of Piranshar, a member of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards was wounded.

A member of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards by the name of Rahim Joje was wounded in the clash. Rahim Joje was known for his brutality against the civilian Kurdish population.

The Urban Peshmerga Unit in Piranshar suffered no injuries or casualties in the clash.