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US draft resolution guarantees Internet access for Iranians

Two US lawmakers announced on Friday evening that Congress passed a resolution allowing communications technology to be sent to Iran to support the Iranian people in its uprisings and promote freedom of expression.

Under the bill, Congress allows the US government to impose sanctions against Revolutionary Guards and other regime officials who have contributed to systematic And continuing to the basic rights of the Iranian citizen Including the freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of expression, according to Voice of America (VOA).

The President of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Republican Rep. Ed Royce, and Democratic Committee member Elliott Ankle wrote a draft resolution aimed at supporting freedom of expression, condemning the suppression of peaceful demonstrations and the killing of protesters in Iran.

After the US House of Representatives mentioned human rights violations in Tehran, he said he stood by the Iranian protesters against their government, which he described as corrupt and repressive. The allies of the United States and the democratic countries of the world also called for the defense of the rights of the Iranian people for freedom.

The two US lawmakers called on the Iranian government to abide by international conventions on human rights, freedom of expression, civil liberties and peaceful demonstrations.