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US proves Iranian regime’s accusation of chemical attack in Syria

The forces of the Syrian regime, using chemical materials in the city of Douma in the eastern region of Ghouta, which led to the deaths of dozens of citizens

‏According to widespread reports, after the chemical attack that took place in the Syrian city of Douma, USA President Donald Trump said that the Islamic regime of Iran and the State of Russia supported Bashar al-Assad’s regime and were responsible for that chemical attack.

President Donald Trump also told that the two countries because of their support for Bashar al-Assad’s regime ,They will pay the price dearly

‏”Russia is responsible for what is happening in the eastern Ghouta of a human tragedy,” State Department spokesman Heather Naort said.

‏This came in statements made by the American official at a press conference from Washington, during which she talked about the attacks launched by the Assad regime against civilians in the eastern region of the Syrian countryside.

‏”More than 400,000 civilians are being horribly killed by the regime in the eastern Ghouta. As we all know, it is backed by Iran and Russia,” she said.

‏She pointed out that the responsibility that lies with Russia is different, adding, “If you do not support Syria, what occurred the killings and horrific events that we see now.”

‏”They are closely following the developments in the Eastern Gauta at a press conference on Thursday,” White House spokesman Raj Shah said.

‏”Bashar al-Assad has already committed war crimes, using sarin gas against his people, and doing what can not be absorbed by the mind, with the support of Russia, and we do not want to continue this.”

‏Since Monday morning, the Syrian regime has intensified its attacks with explosive barrels, artillery shells and various other types of weapons on al-Ghouta.

‏The number of civilian deaths in the past three days has exceeded 300, and in the past three months 700 have been killed.

‏The eastern Ghouta is part of the “reduction of tension” areas agreed at the Astana talks in 2017, with a guarantee from Turkey, Russia and Iran.