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Washington Arbitrary arrests in Iran are unacceptable

The US State Department announced that it is following up all reports of the arbitrary detention of human rights defenders and minority activists in the prisons of the Iranian regime.

The foreign ministry said in a statement that the Iranian regime is arbitrarily arresting its citizens to exercise their rights peacefully, noting that these arbitrary arrests in Iran are unacceptable.

The statement called on US allies to join them in following up the cases of detainees in Iran. “We call upon our allies to join us in demanding that the Iranian regime not arrest its citizens to demand their fundamental rights,” he said.

This came after the lawyer of prominent human rights activist Nasrin Sotoudeh, who was arrested in Iran last June, was sentenced to prison on espionage charges and stated that she had never been formally charged or brought before the court.

The 55-year-old lawyer was arrested in June and informed that a court in Tehran had convicted her in absentia of spying, her lawyer said.

The rate of arrests in Iran has increased recently, in light of the continuing popular protests in the country against the corruption of the mullahs.