The Republic of Kurdistan
"The best way to pay respect to our martyrs is to continue their struggle." - Dr. Ghassemlou

What does the PDKI say ?

Jamal Rasoul Denkheh

We should learn from past and be stronger towards the future, every political parties or any groups that  that struggle or are active in any aspect of activism, will become more special by passing of time and its activities will make it famous among the society. But if we focus on the “Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan”, after 72 years of its existence like a national and political Party, with its pleasant and unpleasant aspects it have made a private and special history by each year it passes.

I don’t mean the history background of the Party; we talk about its struggles, what the Party claim? What does the Party wants? What can the Party do? 

Just like Dr. Ghassemlou stated: “The history and legacy of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI) is not limited to a few cadres and persons. The history of the PDKI is instead centred on the history and legacy of thousands of martyrs and hundreds of thousands of members. And it’s the legacy is for all people of Kurdistan”

What does Dr. Ghassemlou’s statement tells us? Firstly, it tells us that the existence of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan is because of the will of the people, and that is why the people support the Party with all their power. Secondly, it tells us that the Party will not make its legacy and history all alone, but it is the will and support of the nation that makes the Party’s history as they wish, which means that it is the people that decide their own destiny.

The Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan during its period of its struggle, whether they were powerful or not they have always been struggling for the Kurdish nation. Being a Democratic Political Party means let the people make their own decisions, and never give up the nation and their support.

We are going to talk about that, why the Party always mentioning the support of the people and never make the party apart from the people? The answer is quite easy; the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan is the People’s Party and gets its support from the people, also the goals of the party is not far from the society’s desires. The aims of the Party is based on the people’s decisions.

 Let’s come back to that the Iranian Regime have claimed and claims that the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan is not a “”dissolved, small group, untrustworthy , lack of base or popular status among the Kurdish nation, ineffective …”. an presents the Party in many other names, we can talk about every words that the Iranian Regime uses to present the Party, but we will let the readers to justify those words, but I will talk about the untrustworthy and not having any base or popular statues in the society.

We will not scroll back deep in the history, just three years ago, on the Nowruz in the heart of Mountains of Kurdistan, when the Party declared that the Peshmerga force would be present among the people. Only hours after the announcement the top officer and leaders of the regime reacted and started threating the Party, because it made the people of Kurdistan happy and the people made posters and announced their support and welcoming to the Peshmerga force. 

If it is like the Iranian Regime said (it’s not so), now that the Peshmerga force is among the people and holding meetings and speeches in the cities and villages of Kurdistan and the people are welcoming them, if it’s not the popularity of the the Party then what it is? 

What does the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan says?

The struggles and the historical background of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan, tells us that the Party do not want war, the Party believe in get the Kurds Rights in a peaceful way, and always referring to this point in all of the Party’s policies, and the Party have armed itself for self-defending. In addition, the Party have proved many times that the Party is ready for a peacefully dialogues to questions Kurdish rights. In addition the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan have always declared that, by Militarizing the Kurdish areas and threats nothing going to change, but as long as there is none open-minded leaders are in power in Iran, the Party have to try other aspects in order to get the Kurd’s rights.