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World Women’s Day March 8: Women are imprisoned in Iran

The public prosecutor of the regime in Tehran confirmed the girl’s imprisonment for two years and because she opposed the “compulsory hijab.

In this regard, the Attorney General of the regime in the city of Tehran, “Abbas Jafari,” on Wednesday (7 March) the day before World Day (8 March) was at the seventh meeting of deputies in Tehran, And spoke of women’s clothing as undesirable and also about the resistance of women to this decision and to forced، And whoever opposes this will resist it very harshly.

He also said that the religious dress and the veil were from the most important specifications and Islamic symbols، He said that the unknown social networking sites that are against Iran are the reason for the position of women and opposition with religious dress and hijab.

Earlier, Gulam Hussein Eiji, spokesman for the regime’s judiciary, said، The girls or women who opposed the law on dress and Removing the veil in the street either did not have their intention or thay regret what they did and they are maybe some people and were incited to do that.